The Mirai Creation Fund invests in companies and projects that use the latest technologies and business models, supporting the growth of value in these companies and projects, wherever they are found around the world. Through these activities, the Fund contributes to creating a brighter future worldwide, while aiming to provide returns to all our investors.

An Investment Fund Targeting Intelligent Technologies, Robotics, Technologies that Promote a Hydrogen Economy, Electrification, New Materials, and Carbon Neutrality

This Fund targets private start-ups around the world in six sectors: intelligent technologies, robotics, technologies that promote a hydrogen economy, electrification, new materials, and carbon neutrality.

Business Overview

An Extensive Investment Track Record in Japan and Worldwide

Since its inception in November 2015, the Mirai Creation Fund has received high praise for its accurate advice and support of corporate value growth. The Fund has accumulated a track record of investing in promising enterprises, not only in Japan, but also worldwide. The Fund contributes to the society of the future by investing in companies that are world leaders in innovative technologies and business models.




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